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To the List:

As the Emperor and Salieri met with Mozart after the opera the Emperor
struggled to explain what he had felt, not wanting to be ignorant and lose
face so he turned to his esteemed musical advisors Singblatt and
Loewenzahn. They coached him with the criticism that it was beautiful but
too many notes. At which the young private entrepreneurial composer (who
at 28 had written longer and more works than the two esteemed gentleman
who flourished on their court salaries, while Salieri smiled knowingly in
his envy, ((I apologize for the context.))) said: "Too many notes? No
there were as many notes as it took to do the work and no more." Western
minds now have the attitude of the Emperor Gumpkopf while professionals
struggle mightily to perform work that the music business has lost the
knowledge of how to perform. How interesting that Mozart was a private
businessman and one of the first, as a composer, while those who now
complain "in the mind of the Emperor" call themselves private enterprise.
Perhaps a company that is the size of the Viennese court is in reality a
courtly enterprise and brings the same rules in relating to senior
management as Messrs. Singblatt, Lowenzahn and Salieri.

Hello John,

I have four questions:

1. Agile outline you so generously provided seems the same as the outline
for a movie (virtual communication) company. Basically a free-lance
situation with core personnel? Is it?

2. Where is the money saved?

3. AGILE seems to resemble (in the idea of customization) the concept of
craft Guilds that were destroyed by the first wave of industrialization.
Is this a return to the concept of the individual expert craftsman as
opposed to the "worker" who can be placed anywhere to do simple effort
tasks. i.e. work as skill as opposed to work as effort.

4. Is the Agile structure a short term or long term LO?
i.e. Can a community be built around an AGILE manufacturing firm?

Thank you for your gracious time and effort.
Since this may well be the WAVE of the future as
LEAN is the wave of the past. I agree that this
is a concept that should be understood and discussed.

Ray Evans Harrell

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