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I like your attitude toward money. It is a tool, an important one, but a
tool none the less to enable people to acheive their dreams and vision.
Money becomes the focus, when, IMHO, the vision has been corrupted or

A year and a half ago I left a position with a small college that I could
have had the rest of my life, because ,one, the money wasn't sufficient to
support my family in the long term, and ,two, because I needn't to venture
out on my own. It has been great. I took a cut in income and increased
my creativity, satisfaction and relationships with family. I'm more
productive and focused, and feel that I'm where I should have been 15
years ago. No regrets, only a future to be grasped. And I'm having the
time of my life.

As one of my mentors once said, "love people, use things; rather than use
people and love things."

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> Clyde makes a very good point about work: It's not about money (or at
> least I think this is the case for the happiest people I know).

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