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Replying to LO11912 --

Lon requested a reference regarding the following comment:

> Julie writes:
> > There is an interesting theory about the growth of Churches (which I
> > cannot remember very well) - in terms of size and how it affects things -
> > too small and people cannot come in and be anonymous to begin with and
> > then contribute as they build relationships and open up and too large and
> > the small groups which form etc prevent people from ever building the
> > necessary relationships....
> What a splended explanation for something I have seen occur in every group
> I have ever been involved with. Can anyone provide a specific reference?

Lon and anyone else:

Check "Understanding Church Growth" by Donald McGaven for a scholarly
overview. A more popular writer is Peter Wagner, he must have over 50
books published. McGaven's life could have filled a chapter in "The Age
of Heretics" by Art Kleiner for the up roar he cause in evangelical


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