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Wed, 15 Jan 1997 09:26:54 -0500 (EST)

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>How many people voluntarily take lower paying jobs?

I think it would be interesting to post that question on this list. Just
how many people do VOLUNTARILY take lower paying job? I would enjoy the
responses here.

I have been asked many times why I left industry to go into education.
After 10 years with a company trying to incorporate the philosophy of TQM
working as a Quality manager both on a plant and corporate level, the
frustration became too much. The stress became even more. During the 10
years, the last 3 were blessed with my growth spiritually and I found that
money was no longer a significant motivator, nor was trying to succeed in
a "man's" world and the values of corporate P&L at any cost.

I for one left a great paying job/benifits and all that goes with it for a
job making 16K less; teaching and coordinating the quality program at a
local community college. I have had to trim my life style which has
actually been rewarding and most importantly I am able to influence more
the students who are working in all parts of industry. The work has been
extremely rewarding and the opportunities much more fullfilling than any
corporate ladder and the money carrot ever allowed. My personal quality
of life is fulfilling and my spirituality is growing leaps and bounds. I
don't do it for me in the sense that I believe what I am doing is what my
"higher power" had in mind for me all along.

Negative stress is gone and I like to smile and enjoy my work, family, and
myself a whole lot more. So much for money motivation.

The fact that I got the current job I have radiates with Synchronicity.

Linda Ortberg


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