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Hi, I am Mary French. This is a very informal intro. I am a student of
Learning Organizations and of life. I wanted to respond to Rich Jones who
quoted his poem


>The 6-year old notices it all at once.
>No - eureka - after months of consideration,
>no gradual mastery, like speech or walking.
>Just this, right now:
>- the moon is following the car.
>It is final, like the death of a lady bug,
>like a grass stain after a tackle,
>moon gliding alongside through
>crisp-cut sky, silver and liquid and sure.

>His parents squeeze eyebrows tight,
>draw hissing breath through holes in
>English mints, roll eyes moon-ward and
>looking through same defrosted windshield,
>over same shadowy tree line
>see different truth.

>And as father grinds the downshift by the
>Chinese corner store, and mother braces
>for the too-tight turn for home, they decide:
>This won't do.
>They must extinguish the light of this heresy.

>Accelerating to high gear tongues and car
>roll over the wonder of tailing moon beams,
>parents pitching for compliance before the
>crunch of tires in gravel driveway;
>- When are you going to grow up, young man? -
>Arguing for all the world like it really mattered.
>Which it did for them.
>And probably still does.

I enjoyed reading this. More - I enjoyed your recent responses.

>Accepting the truth of my experience - pain, or hurt, or joy - has proven far
>more enlivening than any amount of keeping the demons at bay ever was. And has
>been the doorway to my soul.

I've learned, too that the barriers I put up to protect myself from the
"demons" not only lock them away (not really very effectively) but lock me
in as well. I have, at times past, created blockades so I could hardly
recognize myself if I emerged quite accidentally. You are right about
accepting the truth of experience, that keeps the barricades from
building, surrounding and strangling my soul.



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