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Wed, 15 Jan 1997 08:30:38 -0800

Replying to L011879
(from "Myers; Kent" <myers@carsoninc.com>)

Very interesting and much amplified comments from "Myers; Kent", which in
a way represents System Thinking: looking from as many angles as possible.

Yes, the comments are sharp and valid, which are close to my own
experience and observation. I would like to draw the essence as follow:

1.0 System Thinking is a Continuous Process,
not "executed once, and done with" just to derive
some Key or Success Factors.
2.0 Pareto Principle (20% rule) and Vital Importance
are not set of parameters, once derived, can be \
considered LOCKED & FROZEN in a Timeframe for
continuous improvement. TIME and its Movement,
is one of the System Forces that can turn the
other 80% or Trivial Many into Crisis Importance
at the later stage.
3.0 System Thinking should not be confused with
SnapShot Thinking.
4.0 Reductionalism is not necessary a force of the EVIL,
it does help to make thing simpler and manageable.
However heavy reliance on Reductionalism can only lead
to a Fragmented World as we experience today.


Andrew Wong
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