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Tony Barrett (tonyb@RESNET.UIDAHO.EDU)
Tue, 14 Jan 1997 11:04:31 PST

Replying to LO11870 --

Roxanne writes with great candor in LO11870

> Over the past few years I've come to an awareness that most of my
> life I have functioned pretty well as a chameleon, adapting my
> personality, my style, my speech to my current associates.
> Chameleons are interesting to observe but theres no great joy in
> being one.
> I'm trying to unlearn my habit of adaptation and
> trying to shed all these layers of pretense that I've acquired...

I have had similar feelings. The organization in which I presently work
has the common value to "please the boss," regardless if the boss is
trustworthy or a jerk. It seems similar to siblings attempting to win the
approvral of a parent that loves conditionally. It is impossible to learn
if one can't be honest. And relaionships become twisted when people are
not true to themselves.

I highly recomend a movie by Woody Allen entitled "Zelig" about a human
chameleon. His humor cuts to bone.

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