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> Joe Katzman wrote:
> My instinctive answer? Lower the "Dilbert factor."
> Knowledge workers have too many choices if they're any good. If management
> come off as idiots, these people will at some level begin looking for more
> hospitable environs. Petty bureaucracy, obvious lack of vision, or a
> culture that makes it difficult to contribute to the company or maintain
> cutting-edge skills will all cost you.

Joe, would this be a sub-text for your words? 1) Petty bureacracy
(insensitive Master/slave relationship) 2) lack of vision (lack of
imagination or insensitivity to people,) 3) culture that makes it
difficult to contribute (network that is exclusive) 4) difficult to
maintain cutting-edge skills (idea of productivity as less skill and more
movement within environment to save salary costs or as one CEO on my board
constantly says "simplify, simplify, simplify, it's the only way to save
costs. Unfortunately he killed an ensemble that I had been developing for
five years and then moved on.)


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