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Replying to LO11815 --

>So it is with great irony that Sam announces in the ad, "system thinking
>for the home". Sam may be dense, but he can learn strategy from the
>masters, and here is a master strategy for your home. Fascinating ad
>concept -- I'd like to hear the designer explain how it all came together.
>Owens-Corning has a nice "system thinking" presentation on their web site.
>Notice that the term is trademarked!
> <>
>[Host's Note: I'm astounded that the firm would assert their trademark on
>the term "system thinking" and I've written them to complain. ...Rick]

I'm equally astounded. Is anyone else? Seems like a fundamental free
speech, human rights type issue to me. What's their email address Rick, I
want to write also...

[Host's Note: Well, actually I'm not sure of the address. There is a
"feedback" function on the web page, and I got a reply saying "We've
forwarded your msg to the PR department." ...Rick]

Best wishes

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