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Ray -- Your quote below which comes from your culture is a wonderful
insight to me. From my experience, I would tend to extend it, but I look
for direction here from you. for example, I perceive that in my culture
people tend to begin early in life to speak from the heart. As time
marches on, that heart-speak becomes suspect, and we recognize it as a
sign of 'maturity' when a person can put the heart-speak aside, and speak
dispassionately from the head. A systems dynamics model, for example, is

The next phase that I am aware of is when, based on study and deep
thinking, a person can understand these analytical issues quickly and
intuitively. At this point this person is freed from the energy required
to _think_ and analyze, and they can return to heart-speak with renewed
vigor, clarity, and maturity. Heart-speak backed up with a thorough
understanding of the intellectual issues as well as the emotional issues.

What do you think? Anyone else have any thoughts -- or feelings -- on

Ray said,
As for the heart Rol, in my culture we say that life begins with
imitation moves to analysis and understanding practiced purposefully until
the practice becomes an intuitive instantaineous response to the
situations of the day. Only then can we move to the natural expressivity
of the heart dialogue with a full awareness of where most of the emotional
responses come from. The heart is disciplined with experienced,
purposeful intentionality. This response is always from the most wise
place of our person. The pattern continues through several other steps
until it returns to begin again on another level higher than the previous.
The key is analysis of imitative habit and conscious purposeful practice
that builds deliberate habits that are open to change once the dialogue
begins. The dialogue is always wholistic using your intire organism as a
perciever and thinker.
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