Disappointment -- No Soul? LO11885

Richard Karash (rkarash@karash.com)
Mon, 13 Jan 1997 21:39:08 -0500 (EST)

Replying to LO11751 --

On Thu, 9 Jan 1997, JC Howell wrote:

> I have noticed that a number of people post stimulating thoughts and ask
> good questions only to get no response. Sometimes I get the feeling that
> there is an "inner circle" within this group that polices what goes on
> here.

Clyde -- just to be clear, if this is happening, it's through the
uncoordinated actions of all 2000 readers!

I do review msgs before they are distributed, and I screen out msgs which
are off our (broadly interpreted) topic, disrepectful of others, or stated
in a tone inconsistent with the character of the list. The number I screen
out is very few.

I couple of times during the history of the list, I've tried to steer the
direction of the conversation, get things going on a certain topic. I met
with exactly what you described above -- no response. Personal
introductions have been some of the best conversation starters, and this
should be no surprise.

To any out there who feel they might be "out" vs. and "inner circle" --
well, I'll just say that contributions are welcome from all!

-- Rick

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