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Mon, 13 Jan 1997 09:36:24 -0600

Good day everyone !!! I just want to say hello to everyone and introduce
myself. I work for CIGNA Companies and I am doing my joy, leading and
being lead through the labrynth of LO. I first became interested in the
subject some years ago after reading Marv Weisbord's "Building Productive
Workplaces" and have been on a Personal Mastery journey ever since. After
working in CIGNA's reengineering practice for some time, I tried to
introduce more humanistic means of change in a sort of clandestined way.
Finally, synchronicity struck, and I have been welcomed out of the
underground. My interests lie mainly with developing sustainable learning
communities (ala M. Scott Peck, Kaz Godz, Foundation for Community
Encouragement (FCE) et al) having just finished their Leadership Education
Program). I have returned to school at the ripe old age of 43 (U of Penn
Dynamics of Organization MS program).

It is difficult having a dialogue at work (ala D. Bohm) and was hoping to
get involved in one here. Look forward to having a "playful exchange of
ideas" and becoming "lost in the search". -JOE-


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