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In responding to LO11717

Jan Lelie identified the author (Zukov) of "Dancing Woo Li Masters" and
had some great points about my use of Zukov's elevator / gravity / laws of
physics metaphor. In conclusion, Jan also said that we should also be
able to observe the situation:

> "- in ways that makes it possible to constructively intervene in these
> processes (in order to create LO's)."

This is the "wheels within wheels" part of the dilemma we've been playing
with as it relates to the issue of perspective. It is the part of the
Learning Organization that is so difficult for leadership -- primarily
because they are sometimes actually IN the elevator, often with only a few
portholes on the world around them.

Thus the need for openness and objectivity -- to understand that it is
difficult to observe all reality from within one reality. Thus, it's why
I liked the elevator metaphor in the first place.

But good thinking out there!

For the FUN of It!

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