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Replying to LO11836 --

> Michael, in LO11812, said,
> >"Your experience suggests what is possible to me. It never tells me what
> >is impossible or what must be.
> >This suggests to me a learning point regarding the attitudes (or maybe
> >even "first principles") of a learning organisation. That is, shifting to
> >a view that is looking for what might be possible and challenging all
> >constructions of "must be".

Then Scott wrote in LO11836,

> As soon as someone begins to tell me (face-to-face, on video, or in email)
> that they have THE Answer, I begin to tune out. I do not think THE Answer
> exists, because why haven't we found it by now with millions of people
> studying the problem for thousands of years. I think lots of people have
> lots of good stuff to say, but the answer?

One of my favourite quotes is by Kristen Stendahl:

"Our vision is more obstructed by what we think we know than by our lack
of knowledge."

I think the key to learning is a healthy humility. A clear sign that we
are carrying "old" knowledge rather than learning each day is when we have
lost a child like wonder about all these is to learn. My daughter, who is
a year and a half old, is a great teacher. It is unfortunate that
epistemology has a pedantic connotation.

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