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Prof Erwin Schwella (
Mon, 13 Jan 1997 16:16:09 +0200

Dear Colleagues

Over the last couple of months we at the School of Public Management,
University of Stellenbosch have developed and tested a package of
materials on the Learning Organization. The material introduces the
concepts of the Learning Organization in a highly experiential way to
organizational participants who are then required to immediately apply the
concepts and methodology to the real world of their organizational

Members of the top management of the South African Police Service- our
primary clients- have been very commending about the excellent usefulness
and relevance of the material to assist them in their major task of
transforming the SA Police for new challenges in a democratic South

In our packaged course we currently have 3x3 day modules, although other
configurations are also possible. The modules are:
Module 1: Introduction and Mental Models
Module 2: Team Learning and Shared Vision
Module 3: Systems Thinking and Personal Mastery

All modules extensively use games, exercises, simulations and applications
to lead to a situation where participants discover through own activity
and application how to succesfully transform their organizations into
learning organizations.

We are presently capable of commercially making our material available
to other users in a number of highly user friendly ways. Interested
people can contact me through the personal reply service of this group
or at: fax ++27 21 9184123.

Dr Erwin Schwella


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