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Mon, 13 Jan 1997 14:59:49 -0800

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I wish to make some comments and observations
on the title "PAY PEGGED TO LEARNING" posted by
Charles Kerr (
Fri, 10 Jan 1997 20:56:15 -0500

"Pay pegged to Learning" can lead to much
complication if the Focus is out-of-orbit, though
with good intention.

If LEARNING is viewed as a PROCESS, then Pay should not
be pegged to a Process, but OUTCOME of the PROCESS.
The OUTCOME must be well designed and defined with
good measurement, which imply good understanding of
SYSTEM FORCES in deriving a set of meaningful parameters.

The Structue and System on "assumption of responsibility"
should be viewed as facilitation mechanism to ensure
effective Learning Process.

Another way to look at LEARNING : if we believe that
Learning is the basic intrinsic nature of every human being,
i.e. a natural inclination, then pay need not and should not
be pegged to Learning.

Just a point of View from

Andrew Wong
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