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Carl Rogers pushed "active listening" to the forefront with client
centered therapy. "Active learning" looks like the concept for us now.
"Learning time"- something we need do on the run rather than something
that people have to stop what they are doing and then go out to learn. A
person acts- meets obstacles - learns- collaborates, then continue to act.
Intuition becomes more important as the computer assumes "control tasks."

With the communication possibilities at our fingertips today it becomes
truly possible and often a necessity to learn while performing the job.
The individual does not have to go out to school or for that matter go out
to work.

With wise use of the computer, a person can perform and complete complex
jobs alone. Whether it's writing and publishing a book, designing a new
satellite system or whatever. Plus they can market the whole concept from
one place. We have the library, the univeristy, the world at our disposal
to work on any project the "intuition" leads.

If I choose to work with a group then it will be because I find certain
advantages to the association. Some of these advantages may be internal
and others external. We become owners of places with short term projects
then move on. Having my own personal balance allows me better chances of
choosing the right group and the right people for me.

"There is no free lunch, but there has to be a smarter way to work."

Kevin Murphy


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