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Mon, 13 Jan 1997 12:00:14 -0800

Greeting from Sarawak, Malaysia.

My name is Andrew Wong, working for a large Oil and Gas
Corporation as Quality Manager - a box title, but see
myself as Organisation Observer and Thinker.

Sept. 93 after reading Dr. Peter Senge's 5th Discipline,
on System Thinking, my world view has changed drastically.
The raw knowledge gained has become my observatory tool
to view my surrounding, environment, organisational
behaviour. Coupled with influence from Dr. Edward de
Bono Lateral Thinking and Social Thinker Dr. Alvin
Toffler on societal system change pattern, I have
carreid out many experimentation, exploration in the
field of THINKING PROCESS CHANGE within my "sphere
of influence".

Such learning and experience are posted in my homepage
QuaSyLaTic Model / Thinking
for greater Learning from critiques and feedback of
Internet community.

The philosophy of LEARNING ORGANISATION is no longer
confined to Organisation but ENTITIES like family,
school, corporation, company, group of friends,
governemnt, society, or just a person etc.

Andrew Wong
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