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> I too value Star Trek for their recognition of the individuals own
> abilities. As someone else pointed out, the book 'LEADERSHIP LESSONS
> FROM STAR TREK TNG' is an excellent examination of how they have
> created the role of Picard as a great leader.

In my (continental European) view, Startrek shows how the American culture
sees a great leader. If you want to have insights on the British culture,
you should watch 'Dr Who'. The Dutch way to solve issues through
leadership is too cumbersome to make a television series about: as we say,
when you stick your head higher then the grass, it will be chopped off. So
here we get stuck in endless debate and compromising, dealing and
negotiating, telling and selling. (I suspect Pickard to have French roots,
but he doesn't act like a French King; who would you say resembles Louis
XIV or Mitterand?).

The Borg perspective should be completely different from all these.
Perhaps there everybody is a leader in his or her field, without being
able to sense any other role or function.

The metaphor that comes to my mind (and yours, as you read this) would be
something like being a neuron inside my/your head: doing its work as a
part of a conscious whole, without knowing anything but how to react to
its neighbors (i wish they wouldn't fire that way, wait i'll fire back ..,
hm i like these impulses, i will go to a lower frequency perhaps it will
continue, ..). Where will you be brought if you ask them: 'bring me to
your Leader?'

Happy firing,



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