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Julie Beedon (julie@vistabee.win-uk.net)
Sun, 12 Jan 1997 18:36:37

Replying to LO11794 --

>'Telling it as it is' is from the heart, or the inner person anyway, is
>about the nature, tone, style of the communication not the content.
>Sorry, I'm struggling to get my point made clearly. >From the heart
>implies, to me, something about which I show some passion.

Ian triggered a few thoughts for me in talking about touchy/feely and
seeking to explore further what it means to speak from the heart ...

My sense is that it is about bringing our whole selves into the dialogue
and so explaining if we are lost/hurt/confused/enthused/committed... etc
and being ready to share our inner assumptions and thinking ....

It is risky and sometimes inappropriate - the times when I feel
uncomfortable is when I know there is a part of me who wants to do it out
of a desire to punish... because I am hurting and moved to hurt back...
those are the times I write and delete and may even end up not posting at
all - it helps me to vent and think it through - it is highly unlikey to
be constructive for me to send it ... sometimes I find I can listen
better for having done it though......

My heart is not always a good thing to have in control of things

Julie Beedon
VISTA Consulting - for a better future


Julie Beedon <julie@vistabee.win-uk.net>

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