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JC Howell (
Sun, 12 Jan 1997 11:20:07 +0000

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Let me add to what Debbie has said, the following experience from my life.

I have moved from one high-paying job to another for money. I thought
that there were other intangibles, but it really boiled down to money.
What a mistake! It was a disaster. I want to say that I should not have
done that but it is precisely that experience that allowed me to grow in
other ways. One of those ways was to better understand that money alone
is a poor reason to change jobs. It is also a very dangerous method of
"motivating" others to work.

Herzberg's work on hygiene factors is fascinating ... and largely ignored
by managers and corporations. I studied the work and still made the
mistake of thinking that more money alone would allow me the freedom to
develop elsewhere. It was a hard lesson to learn.


Clyde Howell

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