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Replying to LO11798 --

Various interesting points of view were posted on the subject
"TQM vs Learning Organisation (LO)"

Are we somehow entangled in PARTS / COMPONENTS:
"A" Vs "B"; "Better" against "Worst"; "Right" or "Wrong"
"This" or "That" ; "+ve" against "-ve", "Yin" & "Yang"
"Religion A" against "Religion B" .... all can be
summarised as BINARY THINKING.

I remember following conversation with Dr. Tom Peter:

>I have observed the first Satellite Event with yourself, Tom Peter,
>and Stephen Covey. I look for Connectivity in all the three
>thinking patterns, although there is some underlying connected
>pattern, there are not obvious to most of the audience I interview.
>Most see all the three great presenter as separated, creating
>another "turf" grounds for different management approaches.

(thereby creating different "empires" like in Organisation
compartmentalized department)

I have enjoyed application of all the various approach, concepts,
methodology in my present organisation (oil and gas corporation) to great
fulfilment and learning i.e. TQM, ISO 9000, Kaizen, QCC etc. and of course
system thinking. Only with System thinking focusing on Organisation
Learning enable me to look at all the above mentioned approaches in a more
linkable, connected, aligned and intergrated manner that can derive the
best of understanding and creativity from the participants concerned in
their Business concerns.

My own learning is : Derive the ESSENCE of the other approaches like
Employee Suggestion Scheme, ISO 9000 etc. which are normally the
pre-occupation of the management currently in term of Concept, Philosophy,
Principles, Methodology and VIEWED from the System Thinking Angle.


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