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Good point. Is the purpose of this list to talk about learning orgs or to
allow a learning org to evolve in a culture which crosses over many
boundaries within cyberspace? I hope the latter evolves and want to share
in this experience myself.


As a facilitator I changed, grew from working with individuals to working
with the whole group at one time. Some of this happened as a result of
the group's changing nature and process. Sometimes functioning with the
group happens by design and other times as a gift. It seems in the LO,
when each person starts facilitating naturally as a result of their
personal mastery and "learning self, then the whole group wins.

At some point some may leave because the place does not fit for them,
while others move through personal and group obstacles to find new ways
and solutions. If staying works for them personally, they will stay and
continue the growth.

I'm now talking about myself so I'll close for now.

Thank you,
Kevin Murphy


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