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Murphy (kcmurph@ptialaska.net)
Sat, 11 Jan 1997 02:48:00 -0800

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"Every evolution excludes some nonworking part."
"Each ego excludes any voice which doesn't sound like it's own."
-- Kevin Murphy

Relevant learning can be triggered by minute or grand bytes of
information. Usually when I share openly who I am and what I know then
this sharing energy will return to me. Learning does not necessarily put
bread on the table but it adds greatly to life's finer qualities.

The people I touch give value to my world and this then extends to the
environment around me, hopefully, making the world a better place. In my
opinion opening the door for everyone to learn offers a much greater
chance for a thriving environment than a few people thinking they can
control the flow of information. The results then will start speaking for
themselves and the culture exudes growth when people are connected,
respected and allowed to reach their personal best.

Kevin Murphy


Murphy <kcmurph@ptialaska.net>

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