Disappointment -- No soul? LO11800

Fri, 10 Jan 1997 19:15:42 -0500 (EST)

Replying to LO11773 --

In his first posting (see you weren't censored after all) Donald writes:

>anyway, back the the heart thing Sherry wrote about... the danger for me
>in posting from the heart and not toning the message down is the i get

I purposefully used this quote and not another more colorful one from the
same message because I too am speaking from the heart and I dearly believe
that there is a danger in trying to make this list serve too many
purposes. I subscribe to this list because if is filled with wonderful
thoughts strung together in new and exciting ways by bright and articulate
people. I favor this list over most of the others I view because it is
moderated and is not a chat line. (This means I don't have to put up with
the inane dribble of pre-pubescents who think written communication
requires rudeness or excessive profanity. Thanks Richard for filtering
this stuff so well)

I do not favor censorship in general, but I do favor two kinds of specific
censorship for this group. First, I believe that unbridled hatred,
insulting language, and personal attacks have no place in these messages
and that our host has the right and duty to delete or edit those as he
sees fit. Secondly, I believe that commercial messages or advertisements
should also be severely limited in this medium and I support any action by
the host to do that.

Thank you Donald for the ideas you shared. Although we may not agree on
the value of the contributions of every member of this group, I think many
of your observations are shared by others. However, as you already noted
there are an almost limitless number of forums in which to trade ideas,
not all of which are as strictly regulated as this one. My advice is to
use all the forums available and profit from each, but don't hope that
they become the same - because thankfully they are not.


Lon Badgett lonbadgett@aol.com

"It is one thing when a stranger comes into my house and looks around. It is quite another thing when he comes into my house and spits in my refrigerator." Emil Gobersneke

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