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"Mnr AM de Lange" <AMDELANGE@gold.up.ac.za> 01/09/97 04:12PM wrote:

"although TQM brought valuable insights and applications, it will
eventually become a too simplistic solution."

Thanks for you post.... it was quite lengthy, but worth the effort :)

In my original post, I mentioned trying to push my company from TQM
towards an LO. Let me clarify that statement. I do not have anything
against ISO 9000 or TQM concepts. I believe they have their place and
have helped many companies improve their orga nizations. From my view,
they are a good starting point and not a total solution to the problems
and competition many companies face.

Let me use a biblical analogy. I see ISO 9000 as the "Law of Moses" in
today' quality efforts. A set of strict guidelines put in place for an
organization that could not understand or were not yet ready for the
"Higher Law". IMHO, a company that has become a true Learning
Organization, is the living "Higher Law".

These perceptions come from my experience. ISO 9000 seems like a
short-sighted goal. It may be well worth achieving, but many companies
pursue it with their eyes and minds closed as to why.

I see a learning org as an opportunity for organizations to explore and
expand their potential using creativity and a lust for learning. This is
why I want to "push" my company along the trail toward the ideals of an LO
instead of stopping after ISO & TQ M goals are seemingly met.


Jeff Marchek <JMARCHEK@novell.com>

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