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Ian Saunders (tpians@cix.compulink.co.uk)
Fri, 10 Jan 97 17:53 GMT0

Replying to LO11767 --

Hi Sherri,

>I'm not in constant need of touchy-feely...

I believe that you have raised a crucial point here.

Things from the heart do not have to be touchy feely and there is a kind
of mythology around that they do.

'Telling it as it is' is from the heart, or the inner person anyway, is
about the nature, tone, style of the communication not the content.
Sorry, I'm struggling to get my point made clearly. >From the heart
implies, to me, something about which I show some passion. This can be
very emotional or very content focused or very persistent. It does not
have to be touchy feely. Whilst I often find it difficult to take
(strangely often more difficult from people I am close to) having it told
as it is makes it much easier to know where you stand. It is then easier
to respond appropriately.

I echo much of what Ben has said about his upbringing, and wish that I had
moved forward as much as he appears to have done. I am still very fearful
of upsetting people and so frequently measure what I want to say with the
consequence that I become less clear and less helpful.

I shall continue to take risks, welcome the feedback I receive and do my
best to process it and learn. Fortunately I have found that if you give
there are lots of people out there willing to give in return.

Best wishes


Ian Saunders
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