Disappointment -- No Soul? LO11791

Mark L. Peal (mpeal@mms.org)
Fri, 10 Jan 1997 11:07:57 -0500

Replying to LO11751 --

Been following this thread from the beginning, and now it's
time to pry open my shriveled heart.
I agree that some of the discussions here can get pretty dry
and could use some more impassioned input. And I'd like
to be somebody who does that.
I, too, have posted stuff that has gone nowhere, and I don't
blame anyone for not responding. I, too, let lots of threads
go by, because either I don't share enthusiasm for the topic,
have nothing new and worthwhile to add, or sometimes I
just gotta let my work come first. Sometimes a thread (like
this one) doesn't attract me until I've seen several posts
and a variety of opinions and I start to "get it." And
sometimes the really good, really soulful replies go offline
to the poster directly. Maybe those personal exchanges
are what we really need in the public dialogue.
And I have to disagree with Clyde Howell. Ain't no one
policing this list to dampen the sparks. Everything I've
submitted had gotten posted, and I don't know of anyone
whose reply has been submarined. Sometimes my posts
are just plain duds.
All I know is that any day that has a post from Sherri is
automatically a good day.
Now, really, I do have to get back to work.

Mark Peal
Massachusetts Medical Society, Waltham, Mass., USA
"We're all chunks in the same chowder."


"Mark L. Peal" <mpeal@mms.org>

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