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Fri, 10 Jan 1997 11:08:11 -0500 (EST)

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Johanna writes:

> A lot of the heart-to-heart stuff deals with spirituality. Spirituality is
> extremely difficult to discuss for a variety of reasons:

Wow - two opportunities in one week to comment on undervalued areas of
human development. Thanks Johanna for the comments.

To your list of reasons why it is so difficult to discuss spirituality let
me add a point that often comes up in my workshops on productivity: I
would claim that balance in one's life is not a matter of time spent in
financial, interpersonal, physical, mental, or spiritual development. To
equate the amount of time spent with the results achieved is just silly.
Yet in the American culture at least, many of us wind up doing just that -
spending more time on something in an attempt to change it. This is
particularly damaging to our perception of self because few people can
actually document much time spent meeting spiritual needs. As a result we
look for "time oriented" ways to fix this problem which often leads us
away from meaningful discussion.


Lon Badgett lonbadgett@aol.com

"Time is apparently a constant - it constantly appears that we never have enough of it" Emil Gobersneke

"Time is relative - when your relatives come to visit, time stands still." Emil Gobersneke

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