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Thank you John Zavacki. Last night I watched "Dragonheart" with my kids
and today visions of King Arthur's mythical roundtable entered my writing.
Your post fit perfectly.

Groupware offers the possibility for truly democratic growth and process.
A dictatorship, benevolent or tyrannical will miss out on the long term
potential offered by the greatest number of members. I believe in
collaboration and feel systems lose much because they seem to lean toward
turf protection in a limited world rather than growth enhancement in an
abundant world.

LO's grow from the recognition that a learning team offers value over one
person in grasping the big picture acting in a focused manner. In highly
stressful environments people tend to react rather than act, and these
reactions are usually short sighted and hinder long term options or the
ability to change quickly.

Outside the Alaskan wind gales at fifty and I may lose power at any
moment, so thank you.

"There's no free lunch, but there's smarter ways of working."
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