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Martin Raff (martin@vistaraff.win-uk.net)
Thu, 09 Jan 1997 15:17:48

Replying to LO11701 --

>Speed of change - technology goes forwards very quickly whilst man changes
>very (very very) slowly.

Ian's very interesting posting mafe me wonder about the difference between
change in people and technological change.

Technological change, it seems to me, is now usually radical, fundamental
and goes into areas where the world has never been before. But the sort of
changes we need in human behaviour have all been done before. Examples of
people sharing, not competing, being open to learning and valuing each
other, are numerous now and in history. They are only not happening often
enough and in enough areas of human activity.

But if the human changes needed have already been acheived by some people,
why is it so difficult to get others to change? It ought to be easy - it
has already been done! What are the the (systemic?)reasons why it is so
difficult for most people? Perhaps if we puzzle about these we might get
some clues about helping more people to change?


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