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David C. Rupley, Jr. (dcrupley@coredcs.com)
Wed, 8 Jan 1997 23:27:02 -0600

Replying to LO01171 --


Thanks for waking me up. Again!

The attraction of Senge and Wheatley, for me, is that they have found ways
to help us talk about things of the heart which are otherwise rarely

As Ian Saunders and Ben Compton so "bravely" have shared, we have learned
to live in fear. The more I observe for this, the more frequently I see
it. Carolyn Myss states "" - What will they think? - is the most common
question we ask ourselves." This is a defensive and fearful stance that I
frequently take . . . out of habit, past experience, and fear.

Senge and Wheatley offer an alternative to punishment for mistakes. I
recently heard - If I can't learn from my mistakes, why make them? This is
not the creed in most organizations or relationships.

I begin to ramble and will take a time out.

Thanks again for "Causing trouble."

David C. Rupley, Jr.

"Man's inner nature is identical with the nature of the universe, and thus
man learns about his own nature from nature herself." - Rolling Thunder


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