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Michael says,

Rol says that attitude is important and seems to be saying that the way to
succeed is mainly through hiring people with the right attitude.

This is possible at a local and fairly small level. Few existing
corporations can do much with it, however, as the individuals are already

However, I think that this view is too limited. I think that it is the
job of management, maybe its most important one, to create a culture which
is not the norm and which has attitudes of individuals change when they
are in it.

I've seen this in a few remarkable companies. The remarkable way of being
didn't come from hiring but from the culture that was created

== end quote ==

There is something to what you are saying. I was definitely talking about
a local, and fairly small group (150 people). At the same time, though,
we are part of a larger entity of several thousand. In fact, most
organizations are small parts, and If the local manager took it as his or
her goal to focus on attitude as a component of the hiring decision, that
in general it would improve the overall attitude of the department. Thus,
the company would also be affected, even though the task has to be carried
out at the micro level.

I also agree with you that it is the job of management to create the
attitude they want. There is more to it than just hiring the right
attitudes. One needs to have more tools than just hiring.


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