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Roxanne -

On this discussion of comptency and pay, you said in LO11709:

"After the employee has completed their classes or other
developmental activities and is demonstrating the higher level of
competence, she/he receives the pay increase. The determination of
competence achievement is done with input from the employee, manager,
peers and customers."

Right. And logical, especially considering that:

"The usefulness of knowledge is much like the result of throwing mud at the
wire fence. You're never sure how much is going stick where. But, throw
enough mud and you'll eventually have the wall you wanted at the start."

(Another one of Scott's little homilies, right Rol? ;-) )

We need to make compensation contingent. On something. So why not on the
completion of training, trusting that the teacher has some interest in
generative learning in the students. And the students have some interest
in learning too. After all, aren't they almost like us?

My take on the research on motivation would be to pay them only a little
bit for completing the training itself. Then you don't have people going
through the motions of completing coursework only for the money. Put in
more of the intrinsic and non-monetary rewards and recognition for
_continuous_ continuous improvement and you'll probably see better
long-term results,

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