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Daniel Scott (
Wed, 8 Jan 97 19:58:59 IST

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Hi all,

i have struggled with these issues over the years and have come to
the conclusion that much of this discussion is determined by the answer to
the question of whether or not values are fundamental or relative; for me
they are fundamental.

What is meant by the word "values?" If it means simply "one's
judgement of what is important or valuable," then value could change over
time, geography and from individual to individual. Maybe it would be
helpful to think in terms of human qualities. Somewhere in the heart of
this discussion is a search for what it means, what it is, to be human.
One aspect of being human is the ability to choose on what we place value;
hence any quality, concept, idea, etc., can be ascribed value. But i have
not met anyone who values being unloved, uncared for, or untrustworthy.
There seem to be some qualities which foster, or attract, or magnify, true
individual and collective prosperity. Honesty, generosity and humility,
have consistently contributed and strengthened my relationships,
regardless of color, race, nationality, culture, political affiliation,
religion, etc., while the absence of such qualities has equally
consistently resulted on someone being hurt and the relationship harmed.

i don't see that technology and values are separate. i see our
technology as generated by those inherent qualities, from our love of
learning and knowledge, and our striving to be more than what we are.
But, by using technology without being guided by human qualities, or by
focussing on technology while not equally valuing these inherent qualities
and demonstrating them in our relationships, we risk damaging those
relationships and our community.


-- (Daniel Scott)

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