Disappointment -- No soul? LO11738

Wed, 8 Jan 1997 10:46:52 -0500 (EST)

Replying to LO11711 --

Sherri writes:

> What I have liked about some of the threads is their "realness" -- people
> expressing what is within them in a very real way. You can feel the heart
> and soul in some of the postings.

Well said Sherri. Perhaps your observation will give courage to those who
are waiting to share. If that is the case, let me also encourage those
who have written to:

Share their small insights (as opposed to those who don't write until they
have developed a unifying field theory of LO).

Share real tips about how they practice their trade.

Tell stories from their workplaces. (especially funny ones)

Summarize and connect threads.

Create vivid word pictures.

Give evidence that the world is vast and mysterious and beautiful when we
take the time to notice.


Lon Badgett lonbadgett@aol.com

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