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Wed, 08 Jan 97 10:18:53 EST

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Martha said:

> we humans have the rare chance to affect how we evolve. Of course we
> can't assure ourselves of evolving the way we alone choose. But we
> don't have to wait to evolve into only what Mother Nature gives us,
> ether, because we are self aware, we think, and we can plan.

I think this is a very valid comment. We now have lots of people (as
evidenced on this list) who are focused on learning how we learn. We
have a lot of background to show how we learn. We have the tools
(technology) in place to assist us to expand our abilities, to
maximize our use of time and our thinking.

It is each individuals decision to make the most of ourselves, or not.
It is each individuals decision to become self aware and plan for our
future and recognize the importance of how we respond to the things
that happen to us, or not. As Martha says, we should

> if we choose, nurture and promote the
> make-the-most-of-the-individual type of evolution.

I too value Star Trek for their recognition of the individuals own
abilities. As someone else pointed out, the book 'LEADERSHIP LESSONS
FROM STAR TREK TNG' is an excellent examination of how they have
created the role of Picard as a great leader.

Gary Scherling
Helping people help themselves


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