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Joe Katzman (kat@pathcom.com)
Tue, 07 Jan 1997 23:35:28 +0000

Replying to LO11711 --

> Why is it so diffcult for us to deal heart-to-heart?

Because that requires trust, a rare commodity.

> Why do we become so threatened when the human soul bares itself?

Part of the answer might be found in thinking about when this
characteristic typically comes to the fore:: high-stress situations in
which the behaviour of the individual becomes markedly less predictable.
Over time, the associations that build up are not encouraging.

> If this list, where the primary risk is to be publicly known for having
> a soul rejects or avoids that level of connection, how can we hope to
> create it in organizations where the risk is much higher?

Valid question. Actually, however, the more significant risk is to be
seen discussing confidential company issues on the Internet.

> There is an organization in California called Heartmath who has
> definitive scientic data which shows that people are healthier, more
> effective, less stressed -- when they deal from the heart. It's almost
> like quitting smoking -- to come from both the head and heart instead of
> only the head...

There is no substitute for courage. But in many organizations, dealing
this way is not without risks. The benefits to one's heart must be
balanced against the possibility of unemployment, a pretty big stress
factor in all the surveuys I've seen.

Lest I risk being seen as counselling cowardice, understand that I do live
by a policy of speaking homestly, and dealing from the heart as well as
the head. Risky? Absolutely, but I've decided I'd rather live with the
risk. The worst thing that can happen is that I have to find a more
hospitable environment, and I'm confident enough in my skills that this
does not worry me.

Do I encourage others to embrace this example? On the whole, yes, I would.
It does improve one's quality of life. But I can also understand why many
people feel differently, and realize that managers who routinely shoot the
messenger have only themselves to blame if the eventual result is silence,
apathy and disaster.

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