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Richard Karash (
Tue, 7 Jan 1997 22:37:13 -0500 (EST)

Some months ago I woke up deciding that I wanted to take on an apprentice,
someone who would work with me for a period of time and learn the trade.
This came from a retreat meeting in which we talked at length about how to
develop capacity in this field, the difficulties for new young people
coming into the field.

My motives are partly to give... But, it's also clear that the challenge
would help me make more explicit and understand better what I do. I have
learned more from the engagements in which I am helping develop internal
trainers, facilitators, coaches and consultants than from any other work I

The general idea of apprenticeship programs has had appeal to me for some
time, but it's all a bit intangible... I don't actually know of any real
programs and have no idea of the issues or practicalities involved.

Has anyone out there been involved in an apprenticeship program in this or
a similar field? How did it would? Can anyone point me to someone who is
doing this now? Or, just help me think through how it could work...

Many thanks!

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