Disappointment -- No soul? LO11711

Sherri Malouf (sherri@maloufinc.com)
Tue, 7 Jan 1997 13:32:53 -0500

I have subscribed to this list for a couple of months now. I had fun
getting the Wheatley Dialogue going and watching how different people
responded to it. I thought the thread on Depression was very powerful but
it stopped abruptly.

What I have liked about some of the threads is their "realness" -- people
expressing what is within them in a very real way. You can feel the heart
and soul in some of the postings. My disapointment is that these are
rare. I find there is a lot of intellectualizing, debate, and advocacy.
Which is okay -- sometimes. Most of the time though it becomes boring for
me. In fact, I had a call from a fellow list member who felt the same
way-- I wonder if we are the only 2?

Why is it so diffcult for us to deal heart-to-heart?

Isn't part of the attraction of LO that Senge and others have found a way
to include the human soul in organizations?

Why do we become so threatened when the human soul bares itself?

If this list, where the primary risk is to be publicly known for having a
soul rejects or avoids that level of connection, how can we hope to create
it in organizations where the risk is much higher?

There is an organization in California called Heartmath who has definitive
scientic data which shows that people are healthier, more effective, less
stressed -- when they deal from the heart. It's almost like quitting
smoking -- to come from both the head and heart instead of only the

Causing trouble again...

Sherri Malouf

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