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Mon, 06 Jan 1997 12:38:50 +0100

Dear fellow list members,

I am new to this list and would like go give a short introduction of
myself. I work at the Norwegian Executive Board for Distance Education at
University and College Level, a coordinating body associated with the
Norwegian Ministry of Education. My main tasks are related to information
disssemination on distance education in higher education, technology and
learning as well as matters related to the use of ICT in schools.

Simultaneously, I am studying for the degree of Master of Educational
Administration at the University of New England, Australia. This year I
will write my thesis, which will be a case-study of a Norwegian College
and its Center for Lifelong Learning. The subject of my thesis has not
been decided, but I am interested in how a small organization develops and
maintains its own concept of professional development, and how this
process interacts with the larger organization, of which the Center is an
integral part. The concept of organizational learning is relevant, because
the center is compelled to keep a strong focus on its mission and goals,
which must be discussed and revised in certain intervals.

In short, I find it challenging to analyze how the concept of the learning
organization can be implemented and evaluated in an academic organization.

I hope to get back to this issues throughout the year.

Oystein Johannessen
Senior Executive Officer (Fagkonsulent)
Norwegian Executive Board for Distance Education (SOFF)
Phone +47 77 64 62 66 Fax +47 77 64 59 60
University of Tromsoe, N-9037 Tromsoe


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