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Hello all LO-enthusiasts!
>As for the Learning Organization... I sometimes can achieve some of this
>integration using cartoon art, and get some of that mix. People get their
>heart involved with the logic, and we end up with better teaming and more
>intense learning than we would have otherwise.

For the second semester at the university teaching some aspects of
Information Management I'm trying to do this during my classes. I ask my
students to play scenes with different roles, to write and present
posters, to draw their findings. The last mentioned "method" led to a
great poster illustrating what type of fire desasters might happen in a
company and what strategies could help to prevent these desasters. One
could use this poster as it is to educate future security people. I guess
that the students will know much more about desaster management after this
class than just reading and/or hearing about it.

Angelika Mittelmann

Angelika, Rudolf & Thomas Mittelmann
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