Music, whole systems, whole self LO11653
Sat, 04 Jan 1997 08:26:56 EST

Replying to LO11549 --

I attune to a connection between LO Collaboration and Choral Music
I have gone back to sing in a local Berkeley chorus for the first
time since college many years ago. It is fine for my head to learn
the the difference between Mozart and Saliery lies in the inner
complexity of the score. It wss quite surprising, if not utterly
overwhelming, to come to the understanding that communicating
with the world can be done not only in a Yang-Tao by making
brilliant statements, but in a Yin-Tao by resonating selflessly
with the chords of choral beauty. "Music Power," my poem tries
to express that wonder.

Jim Durkin PhD
Kensington, CA

Music Power

When music flows in through my ears and out again through my heart

I start getting anxious that I've lost all powers of discernment

Because music is starting to touch me, forever pressing out my tears.

Am I more weakened or more strengthened now I'm connecting in this way?

I'm tempted to tune in my radio to the screeching heavy metal rock

To discover if I am responding this way to that kind of music too.

But what if I find myself resonating with the libidinous vulnerability

of these callow bull-loined boys

Just as I resonate to the precious plucking of the lute and oud?

With whom can I consult to find a cure for the raging music-malady

With which I have become infected and that is pervading my whle soul?

Has this become a chronic condition? Might it even become terminal?

Can physician's pills or therapist's interpretations pull me through?

I believe it is essential in life to find and exercise one's own voice.

I've watched admiringly as down-genders and down-raced learn to do this.

But I never dreamed that my own voice would become the voice of music.

No it was to be my lofty words that were to compel the world's attention

But now I find I have become an instrument rather than an initiator.

It is my silent tears, herded out of hiding by every musical phrase

That courses through me that are being heard all around the world.

This is not at all what I planned, nor what I'd even hoped for.


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