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In a message Dick Jacobs writes:
>The alternative--that we should make
>significant proactive efforts to make technology available to poor
>people--would (IMHO) be a major disservice when that effort and those
>resources could go into education and job training.

I caught the tail end of a TV documentary on welfare recipients. They
followed several people but one man stands out to me. He had a child by
one woman and was interviewed while in jail but about to get out. He said
he wanted to do good by the woman and help raise his son. It then moved
to the present time and found him in jail again. When asked about taking
care of his son he said -- it didn't work. When asked why we the
taxpayers should be paying for his son -- he had no answer. The
interviewer said he didn't think he should have to support this man's son.
The man said -- "Sounds like a personal problem to me..." BTW -- he
impregnated a different woman while out of jail...

My point is that there are a lot of people in the world who don't give a
*#!* about technology. To apply our values, needs, desires, dreams to the
rest of the world who are "poor" is arrogant at best and naive at worst.

Sherri Malouf

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