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It seems as though the discussion on values and technology is still going
on, and frankly, I am enjoying it. Gary Scherling raised several points
and left me wondering about others.

> Technology has developed so quickly, our values were lost. Had a very
> interesting conversation yesterday with a friend of mine. She said
> that many of her single women friends were disillusioned with the men
> of their own age (late twenties) because the men didn't have any
> values. Many were successful in business, had money, but were
> lacking values.

Why do you think that technology is related to the loss of values and how
do you define "values"? I don't think that technology is the cause. We all
define values differently and expect nonetheless others to conform to

Technology has helped us humans to discover more and learn more about the
universe (life on Mars), our planet and even about ourselves. Technology
cannot be associated to values simply because, IMHO, we would be comparing
apples and oranges. One can always choose what values to keep or reject,
because one has some control over one's life and can always choose what
path to follow. Technology on the other hand cannot be stopped because the
human mind is constantly looking for ways to improve one's life and make
it easier. It is creation and imagination that leads the mind to find
other ways to have power or to communicate with someone. Also, life is not
simple, there are no easy solutions; and to get back to what Robertson
Davies wrote in The Cunning Man, "There is no simplicity in any sort of
significant life".

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