Pay pegged to learning LO11633

Roxanne S. Abbas (75263.3305@CompuServe.COM)
02 Jan 97 16:25:45 EST

Replying to LO11588 --

Charles Kerr wrote of the Pratt and Whitney experience with tying pay to

" Launched last month with the help of a team of hourly workers, it will peg
pay boosts not to seniority, but to the amount of training employees complete
and the degree of responsibility they shoulder."

Charles, I agree with you that this type of system has great potential. I
have helped a number of organizations to design skill & knowledge-based
compensation systems and my experience has strengthened my conviction that
a Learning Organization must demonstrate that it values learning by paying
for it. Most traditional pay programs focus primarily on results achieved
and often fear that a shift toward paying for learning will cause results
to suffer. I have never seen this to be the case. As employees develop
new skills and knowledge, results inevitably improve.


Roxanne Abbas

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