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Mon, 27 Feb 95 15:14:33 PST

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How do you develop the kind of courage required to challenge our own
basic assumptions about work, relationships, people ...and other
fundamental issues?

This activity - courageous inquiry - is what distinguishes us as humans.
Senge's book speaks much about it. Part of personal mastery is in my view
exercising our capacity to challenge ourselves, our assumptions and risk
standing on "nothing". Feeling the shakiness, the ground disappearing h
beneath our feet. It is not just intellectual. Since we are identified
with our mental/cognitive structures, to the degree that we are
identified, then to challenge them is to challenge our very identity. No
wonder we feel shakey. However, those who have undertaken this inquiry
with courage, curiousity and compassion have found another "ground" to
rest upon. From this ground true inquiry will bear fruit. It is this
fundamental kind of inquiry - and the capacity to undertake it - by
managers and mothers alike that will create the most viable learning

Tim J. Sullivan
Ministry of Health

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