Right-Wrong Pair of "Dimes" LO267

Mon, 27 Feb 1995 17:21:31 -0500

Twenty cents gets us nada these days ... and perhaps that is WHERE the old
"right-wrong" mentality has gotten us for years.

Perhaps a shift to a "what's working vs not working" model may be a little
softer thus tend to nurture and enroll the creative nature of our right
brain's psyche generator.

Perhaps what we need for future survival is both agility and ability to
face the uncertainty as we have yet to experience. Being equiped with
dynamic, internal resource states will enable us to meet future challanges
that even our immagination has yet to immagine.

It just seems as though the old "Right - Wrong" model was born of the same
lineage as the "Win-Loose'" paradigm and may ultimately lead to the same
end result. Systemically, "Right - Wrong" just seems to be born of fear
induced judgment, thus becomes far removed from courage displayed through
dialogue and discernment.

"Right - Wrong" is of the competitive world where unfortunately
competition serves as the sole criteria for corporate decision making
processes ... thus producing the current Corporate Clensing Processes.
Dump the Unwanteds as a process of inhancing productivity seems to smack
of one of Senge's archetypes that ultimately will turn on the host in

"Right -Wrong" thinking seems to preclude connectivity thinking that is
essent ial if we collectively ever expect to out survive our potential.

"The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance --- it is the ilusion
of knowledge." and the right-wrong model/mentality in my opinion seems to
be mans greatest threat ... himself.

When leaders manage culture (values, beliefs & behaviors) ... culture
leads people .... to self manage. Isn't that the essence of the eternal
evolutionary process? Isn't that man's destiny if dis-covery"

Excuse my blurting in with my $0.20. Can anyone lend me a nickle to make
it twobits?

L. John Carson
Boise, ID
From: Ljohnc@aol.com