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Thanks for your response. See below . . .

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On Fri, 24 Feb 1995 wrote:

> Kent,
> As usual you continue to be very thought provoking. Thanks. I had some
> difficulty with the folloiwng:
> 5) Chiasma (anti-chasm) -- prior to the arising of dualities
> If chiasma is a crosswise fusion then how can it be prior to the arising of
> the dualities. I rather don't quite see how one can consider a crosswise
> fusion of something that has not yet been separated.

When I agreed that chiasm was crosswise fusion I probably spoke to soon.
This suggests that it is crosswise fusion of things that already exist.
This is true and the nerves of the eyes are a good example of this as
most cross to the other hemisphere of the brain while some go to the same
hemisphere as the side the eye is on.

Think the arising of the differentiation of the brain into left and right.
It is not that the left and right arise and then the chiasm is created.
At least I do not believe this is what happens. Instead we know that the
two sides of the brain ultimately come from a single fertalized cell that
progressively bifurcates. In the bifurcaiton process the left and the
right sides of the body appear after some involutions of the cells as
they unfold. In this process of this involution the unfolding halves of
the body and brain develop a crosswise fusion as an explicity structure.
But this structure points back to the fact that the two sides arise
together out of the same single cell. This arising together to be
complementary is what I mean by chiasm. It is the internal
complementarity of opposites that arise together in dependent coarising.

> By the way, I'm really enjoying "Angels Fear."

I have not read that one. But I have it. If you like it maybe
I will read it too.

> Gene Bellinger...