RE: Commitment, values, org change (long) LO262

George J. Takacs (
Mon, 27 Feb 1995 11:55:02 EST

Replying to LO232 --

I just want to reply to a portion of what Sean said, that
being about having similar values in an organization.
I agree that if your individual values are out of sync with
the larger organization you may have some problems working there.
This would be true for deeply held and major values.
However the question of having everyone with similar values
working together seems to be problematic. If everyone agreed on
everything, where would the new energy for growth come from? Would
not that system suffer from entropy and eventually become non-productive?
I believe that it is more important that people agree
on goals to be pursued and concerns to be addressed. At least this
keeps us focused on the direction we are heading in. The dialogue
which would result from having different values would enable us
to find different paths to reach the goal.
George Takacs
Takacs Techniques
Largo, MD